After the worst birthday in the history of the universe I discovered two things:


1 – I definitely should keep giving myself a birthday party every year.  Look at what happens when I don’t!

2 – My sister-in-law, Melanie, loves me!

On Friday, the day before my birthday, I got four cards in the mail.  One from my sister E, one from my Uncle S, one from my dear friend E.G., and one from the Utah J’s.  A good thing, too, since NOTHING came on Saturday, and there was no mail on Monday due to the holiday.  Well, yesterday afternoon there was a pile of cards in my little mailbox, all from Melanie!  So although it was off by a couple of days, I did get some of the recognition I needed to feel good about myself and my relationships (at least with Melanie, the rest of you are now on the list, lol!).


I did receive quite a few greetings on FB which I would have appreciated more if I hadn’t been curled up in the fetal position crying all day long otherwise engaged, but when you send a card it tells me I was worth the 90 seconds it took you to pick it out, the $2.79 + tax (or thereabouts), and the 17 minutes it takes to personalize, hunt down my address, slap on a stamp and bribe a kid to put it in the mailbox.  Which goes a long way to make me feel good!

What I’m saying is, Melanie is now at the top of my “People I Like Best” list and you all better scramble like eggs to make it up to me next year!


2 thoughts on “Redeemed!

  1. I had it all planned out. It was going to be so awesome! One card magically appearing in your mailbox for five days in a row, with the grand finale of a talking card on your actual birthday. I was so excited, I was giggling in the card aisle while I picked out the cards (which, by the way, takes a whole lot longer than 90 seconds. Have you seen how long those card aisles are?)

    There were just a couple problems, though. I learned that the postal service WON’T pick up a letter if any of the following circumstances occur:
    1 – The mail carrier has already driven past that mailbox before the letter is in it. Can you believe they don’t come twice a day? I know, right?
    2 – You forget to put the letter in the mailbox. Really, don’t you think they should knock on my door and ask if I have anything that needs to be mailed?
    3 – You forget to put a stamp on the letter. Who needs stamps?

    So, finally, on Friday, I put the whole lot in the mailbox BEFORE the mail came, remembered to put stamps on them AND put the little red flag up. Then I watched to make sure he picked up ALL the cards. And then I crossed my fingers and hoped they could get to your mailbox by the next day.

    Foiled again! I think the postal service hates me.

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