Help A Girl Out?

Black Saturday has arrived and already lived up to its name.  I must give the boys credit, this year I did not wake up to them fighting on my birthday.

I just need a huge blank space here but am too untalented to make it work otherwiseSo I So I have to resort to silly tricks like typing in white, which I can’t see as I type so I may be misspelling all kinds of words, which will bug me incessantly but oh well.  At least I can make the space between apragraphs bigger, which is what I am going for anyway.  I do see that I have two underlined in red squiggles so I must have at least two misspelled words now, let’s see if I can go for three?  Maybe not.  Ok, now , Wait, I see another squiggle!  Now back to regularly planned post.


I woke up to Honey cleaning up dog crap all over the carpet.

Also, there was a whole 12-13 minutes between the time I woke up and the fighting between nations began.  All in all, I think the morning is going rawther well!  Back to my post title….

I know for sure I was 10, but it’s possible I could’ve been younger, but ever since I was 10 I’ve had a major crush on George Michael.  Yes, yes… I know.  I have set a record in turning my childhood crushes gay, but what can I say?  They’re so hot!  Georgie, Greg Louganis, Adam Lambert (ok, not my childhood crush, but still…).  For awhile I thought Blaze was gay because I Googled him once upon a time and found something about him and his “partner” which I naturally assumed he meant lover/spouse/whatever but looking back could just as easily referred to business partner as I see he is now married to some chick and I think has kids?  Anyway, this is all neither here nor there.

For my birthday, I have been pestering Georgie (@GeorgeMichael) on Twitter to personally wish me a happy birthday.  Based on how many hits I get a day on this blog I figure if we all start pestering him to wish me a good one, I may have a 0.0001% better than a snowball’s chance in hell of it actually happening.  So get to work, people!  Start playing Six Degrees and find someone who knows someone who can make it happen!  Tweet ’till your fingers bleed!

Love you, peeps.


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