Quilting Bee

If you are special, and very few of you are as special as me (HA!), I have made your baby a quilt.  And by special, I mean special ed., which means you are related to me.  Unless you are my sister-in-law, in which case our mother-in-law has already made you more blankets than you will ever need, and so I have spared you from having more by me making one, too.

Now that you are not at all confused about that, I will carry on.

This week a new niece will be born.  I have not made her, or any of her sisters, a quilt!  Lucky for me (and them), I have a plethora of JoAnn’s coupons and a little money for me to go on a fabric shopping spree to rectify this situation.  Apple Jacks has requested something in the general direction of dark blue and whales, Polka Dot is getting peachypink, and No New Nickname Yet I have not figured out… but I know it won’t be purple.  Should all three sisters have their blankies out at the same time, purple would NOT coordinate and it would just be a disaster all over.  Maybe something in yellows… and I just remembered, someone else I know just had a boy!  How do you like that, I am FOUR quilts behind in my domestic goddesshood!

I’d better go.  Creative juices don’t flow long for me.


3 thoughts on “Quilting Bee

  1. And all these years I was sure it was because you harbored deep feelings of animosity towards me. 🙂
    I’m kidding.
    Dang. Now I’m thinking I should go back and erase that comment.
    Sometimes I think too much.
    I’m pushing submit now.
    No going back.

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