Not Bummer Summer

Whoever thought up that title is a genius, I can’t get it out of my head and so I also can’t wait to see the movie no matter how inane it might be!


It’s getting down to the wire, there are only a few short weeks left of school and then summer is here.  Half if me is doing the happy dance in bold because FINALLY, I can sleep in and don’t have to worry about driving people to school, and clean clothes, and homework!  But the other half of me is terrified because what the hell are we going to do to stay busy until August 10th?  Unless the furnace gets jacked up 20′ and quick, we won’t be getting in the pool anytime soon and I can pretty much kiss my tan goodbye because no way am I going to lay out in that frigid back yard!

Shana the Beautiful and I came up with the plan that each of us would have one craft/art project thingy for the kids to do every week.  And IDK what those jackwagons at AMC Theaters are thinking, pulling the free summer movie program (low attendance my eye! in this economy if it has the word FREE attached to it you’re going to be over-full!), but you can bet your boots we’ll be at the theater weekly regardless of the bald face lies they tell to save a buck.  We also have a Circle K nearby and the boys are old enough that I feel comfy with them riding their bikes/skateboards on over to get a slushy.  Hey, anything that keeps them from killing each other and gets them out of my hair for 30+ minutes can’t be bad, right?  The only trouble I have is, how often should I let them do it?  It’s only a buck, but every day x3 kids adds up!  Maybe I will let the older two ride over to the other “mini-mart”.  That would take a good hour or more at the rate they go!  Heck, I may even let them go to the grocery store to get a Redbox selection.  Are all you helicopter moms breaking out in hives yet?  😉

My Jedi powers tell me my car will receive a lot of washing this summer….


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