Snail Mail

Handwriting a letter has become a lost art.  My dear departed grandmother-in-law, Hermoine, used to write the best cards to people on the occasion of their birthday, and I have been inspired by her ever since discovering her gift.

I’m not particularly fond of my handwriting, but I LOVE to send cards of any or no occasion to my friends and family.  I know that when I receive something handwritten and sent through the post instead of plonked out in an e-mail, I feel touched that the sender thought of me enough to take time out of their day to select a card and perhaps cause themselves a little pain (oh, the hand cramps that come from not writing much by hand!) in order to make me feel special and thought well of!

Of course, I’m also addicted to stationery and must use what I have before I can purchase more.  I’m fortunate to have so very many friends who are not geographically close, this facilitates my need quite nicely!  It’s hard to not live next door, or even 20 minutes away from those who I call “my people”.  I can’t be there when they need someone to grab their kids from school because a Dr. appointment went overtime, or go out to lunch just because.  Worst of all, no monthly Girls Night Out!  By sending a little note now and then, it’s my way of being there in spirit more than just saying “I wish I were there!”

E-mail is not all bad.  It has its place, and I definitely appreciate the convenience.  But nothing brightens my day more than finding something more personal in my mailbox than the pool service bill!  


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