A Very Merry Unbirthday To ME!

It’s not my birthday.  I’m just pretending it is.


Ok, not really.  But I have decided to pretend that I did not turn 35 last year, and that I’m turning 35 this year instead.  Because I never got my birthday party, and dammit, I’m going to have one!  But 36 is awkward, so…

It’s going to be awesome.  And you are invited!  And though it is not a big ploy to get presents, I will be gracious if you feel the need to bring one.  My next post will be all about gift ideas, should you ever feel the need to up and send me a little sumthin’ sumthin’,  just because.  I LOVE doing that, sending people cards and little gifties for no reason!!  It brightens up their day, and since no one will ever own up to having a bad day because they don’t want to be a complainer, I often hope that my little ray of sunshine arrives on such a day.  Ok, I am not tooting my horn.  I am just sharing that something I really enjoy doing because it makes ME feel super good is to send my friends a card, or something smallish because I can’t be there live and in person as I would like to be.


Ok.  Gotta run.  BFF Shana the Beautiful is on the way and I’m gonna zip thru H&R Block to do Mom’s taxes real quick.



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