2010 – California Sallygirl Style (short and sweet!)

This was the letter that I would have included in our Christmas cards this year.  Except they never even made it off the store shelves.  I am so fortunate to have enough family and friends that I keep in touch with that I would have needed five boxes that have 15 cards each in them; and Target only had 4 of the card I fell in love with this year!  Ok, that’s only part of it.  I never feel obligated to send cards, it’s actually one of my very favorite things to do at Christmas time.  Unfortunately, we just couldn’t afford it this year.   So without further ado….


Happy Christmas from sunny California!

2010 has been a year of change for us all.  We have had two more new additions to our family:  Sally’s mom, A, came to live with us in April.  The last 4 years have been physically unkind to her (surgeries, falls, broken limbs!) so we decided it was time she have a break of the good kind, one not involving bones!, and lots of rest.  Our second addition is Penny, *Reinie’s Gordon Setter puppy.  She joins us from a family of hunting dogs in Kentucky and enjoys playing with her smaller big sister, Chelsea (our cocker/terrier mix).

Honey was surprised to learn three days before the school year began that he would be teaching kindergarten this year after spending the summer preparing for a 1st/2nd combo class.  The students are adorable but a handful!  He is also busy with his callings at church as 2nd Counselor in the Sunday School and on the Temple Committee in Elder’s Quorum, and was recently called as 2nd counselor to the Elder’s Quorum Presidency.

Sally has been busy driving mom to various doctor appointments and playing bus driver for B & S who began attending a charter school a ways from home this year.  She is continues to plan projects for the house and recently ripped all the carpet out of the main living area!

B (11 ½) received a perfect score on the state standards test again! He was nervous about changing schools because somebody else might be the top student but his teacher assures me he has nothing to worry about.  B made the transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout in the spring and is having a marvelous time with them every week!  This summer he bought himself a skateboard at a garage sale and taught himself how to use it, and is learning some dances with the young men at church for a tri-stake dance festival next summer.

S (10) finished his semester of home school with flying colors in May.  He and B now attend **** Prep which is part of the  ******* Academy of Schools in ********, CA.  It’s a very technology-based curriculum and we love it because the teachers there really focus on teaching to the student’s abilities vs. to the test.  The classes are much smaller, and they attend Mon-Thurs. 8:10-12:45 with home school in the afternoon and on Fridays.  He informed us that he loves his new school so much that he doesn’t even want to fake sick to stay home!  He recently earned his Bear in Cub Scouts, has developed a real talent for playing the piano, and is nearly healed from last year’s accident!  The brain contusion is healed but the skull fracture will take some time.

D (7 ½) is in 2nd grade and loves to play tetherball!  He and his best friend J spent the summer swimming and having 2x week sleepovers.  If you’ve ever read the Archie Comics, he’s like the character Moose.  Super active and eats like he’s got four stomachs!  He still loves reading but has a newfound love for math now that school is becoming more challenging.


Our family is so blessed to have you in our life!  The internet can be a great time-sucker, but without it and websites like Facebook it would be a lot harder to stay in contact.  We wish so much that there were more hours in the day or days in the year that we would have more opportunities to connect in person, or on the phone rather than through a mass-audience letter.  Our relationships with family and friends are one of the things we treasure most.

We hope this note finds you happy, healthy, and full of the Spirit of the season!

Much love,

The Sallygirl Family   (Honey, Sally, B, S, D, Reinie, Penny, and Chelsea!)

*Reinie is my mom’s childhood nickname, and other asterisks are included for privacy purposes.  Also, Sallygirl is obviously not our last name!


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