Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love Ya! Tomorrow!

Although I’m not sure I would say it now, I can say with full authority that when I was a child my favorite movie of all time was “Annie”.  I wanted to be a singer/actress just like Aileen Quinn and be famous and loved by everyone.  Now that I think about it, she may have been a one-hit wonder.  But what a hit!  I had such a crush on Tim Curry, too.  In fact, one snow-covered evening I opened my bedroom window, stuck out my head and shouted:  “I love you, Tim Curry!!!” to the world.  Boy, was I a dork!  He was so hot as the character Rooster, though!  Except for when he was trying to kill Annie, of course.

Looking back now, I would say that my all-time childhood favorite movie is “Goonies“.  I especially loved watching it on a rainy day, curled up in front of the TV in this ratty old blue blanket that had been an electric one at some point but currently had its wires ripped out.  I still have the blanket.  Sean Astin was beyond adorable (another of my crushes), and Corey Feldman was hysterical!  Once in awhile I still quote his translations for Mrs. Walsh to Rosie (the household helper since Mrs. Walsh’s arm was broken and they were packing to move), “Ay que siempre seperar las drogas” and “Adios Senorita!” complete with gravelly teen voice filled with recognition of the trick he’d played on poor Rosie.

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