Jet Stream

Sounds much cooler than Thought Stream, don’t you think?

There were seven more paragraphs, but I came to my senses and deleted them.  The hamster wheel of thought was running too fast tonight.  Like, mainlining Diet Dr. Pepper fast.  Thank goodness this afternoon’s Coke Zero finally wore off before I hit “publish!”

I like to share my crazy, but that was a little TMI-crazy.  Not wanting to disappoint, I have a few gems left that I will share before crawling into bed:

  • Let’s talk dream interpretation.  There are several dreams that I have running around in my subconscious.  They make rotating appearances based on tons of scientific factors I know nothing about.  The one I will share with you today is the one where I am being chased after by bad people that want to kill me.  In the general area bordered by North, South, and West Temple with State Street of Salt Lake City.  Only in my dream there is much more open ground without any trees to cover me.  And I don’t know who the bad people are or what they look like, just that they have already killed someone I know and I’m next.  There are other things that come up in the dream based on whatever I saw before going to bed that night, but it’s basically the same dream.
  • Red Bull does not give me wings!  In fact, Red Bull puts me right to sleep.  WTH?
  • I’ve written this sentence five times now and right as I near the end of the thought I have to take it all back because it’s just that stupid.
  • YES!  I finally finished that last one!!
  • I need lessons in punctuation.  Or they need to invent a font that reads just like I sound, because how do you write an aside while you are already writing what you’re saying?  I have a lot of asides.
  • I used to say I didn’t know how to meditate because I didn’t.  Nobody could explain it to me.  I have come up with a foolproof explanation of what happens when you meditate:  Get comfortable.  Turn the meditation app on your iPhone on.  Listen very. very. very! closely until you wake up 20 minutes later and fully refreshed and voila!  You have meditated!  (Meditation is code for NAP)
  • How come my hair always looks awesome when I go to bed, but scary beyond reason when I wake up?  And why can I never make it look the same the next day?
  • I think my gaydar is broken.  That, or there are no straight men left on the planet.
  • I joke about cancer so it doesn’t suck so bad when it actually happens to me.  With my family history, I would be more shocked if I didn’t get cancer of some kind.  Not to say that I want to get it, nooooo… cancer is bad!  But have you met my family?

The siren song of my bed is no longer in my ability to resist.  I don’t know if I said that the right way, I am that tired.  gunnite.


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