Let’s Play $25,000 Pyramid!

  • Things that are gross
  • Things that should never exist in nature, fantasy or reality
  • Things that are offensive to the human stomach

What are:   Fruits that you put in a fruitcake!

Let’s take that a step further and call it a crime against nature.  A sin, even.  One so heinous I still have nightmares while I’m awake!

I went to the grocery store with my mom on Saturday afternoon.  She needed to return a defective DVD she bought there last week and so headed over to the “camera counter” where they lump you if you need help for anything that isn’t a price check.  I had taken D over to the greeting card area to pick out a few birthday cards for S as it’s his birthday tomorrow and we needed to get this guy some mail!  A few minutes later we met up with mom at the camera counter to finish our shopping.  It turns out at that area of the store they decided to put a display of baking materials one would need to make eternal hockey pucks fruitcake.  There were candied fruits galore!  Green cherries, red cherries, pineapple chunks, blackberries, raisins, What the?!  Blackberries???

Candied blackberries.

I feel dirty just typing the words.


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