Well, Technically….

There are sins of omission and comission, is the same true for lies? There are outright lies that we give as answers, there are lies that are non-verbal answers, but what about if no one is asking a question?

When I was 20 years old a close girlfriend and I spent a weekend in St. George, Utah. We did some hiking in the beautiful red rock hills and ate at a couple of great cafes. It was during this trip I discovered just how much I don't like Greek food which really bummed me out since it's always been a dream of mine to travel to Greece!

It was during our spanikopita that I said to my friend, "I'm bored… let's go to Vegas!" And so we did! Never mind that it was already 11:00 p.m., we were young and ready to have fun! We each got a roll of quarters and pledged to only use that money to gamble in the slot machines. We still had the rest of our trip and ride home to pay for! I found I was able to make my roll last longer by playing some nickle and dime machines. In fact, it was on a dime machine at the Nugget where I won $20 bucks! That paid for our dinner at the Planet Hollywood in Caesar's Palace, which was basically an appetizer pizza and sodas. Even back in 1995 $20 didn't go far!

The memories of that trip are some of the best I have of that time in my life, but the question remains: Yes, I was underage so I shouldn't have been gambling. But was it a lie? Nobody ever asked my age, no one asked for identification, and I didn't offer any personal information about myself to anyone.

Leave me your answer in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Well, Technically….

  1. IMO, Earthly laws tend to be assinine. Look there is no real difference between 20 and 21 – they just had to pick an age. What matters is your heart and if you felt ok doing it. I think you spend too much time worrying about breaking rules than listening to your heart.

    Pharisees spent all their time first creating stupid rules (20 steps on the left, etc) then all the rest of the time lecturing others and trying to remember them. Christ really didn’t like the Pharisees and all their laws and rules. He gave just two. Love another and Love God. LOVE.

    Follow your heart and forget humanmade rules.


  2. Girl-Friend!!!
    So, you know the me that was in high school and all the wildness that was alive within back then…right?
    In my life Rules are made to bend or be broken. Period! The End.

    So, with that being said; the real question is would you have lied if you were asked your age back then? Would you lie about your age now or in ten years from now? Would you have walked away from the $20, if you didn’t win it in dimes or nickles and actually had to go to a cash cage in Vegas and show your ID to collect your winnings or would have you asked someone else to do it for you?

    What was really in your heart wasn’t the money or doing something you shouldn’t have be doing…It was just have a fun time. In Vegas.

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