My Itch Needs Scratching!!!

On Friday, I went to take B to get his TaP (Tetanus & Pertussis) vaccine booster as there seems to be a major outbreak of Pertussis sweeping the nation and all 11-12 year-olds are required to get a booster.  Ok, maybe not the entire nation, but it’s been a watercooler topic and I don’t even have a job let alone a watercooler to hang out at so you know it’s big!  In a moment of solidarity, I decided to get my shots with him.  With all honesty and no exaggeration, it has been at least 20 years, if not longer, since my last tetanus shot.  I have been avoiding it like the plague because I am allergic to shots (in the same way that I’m allergic to work).  Who wants to inflict pain on themselves, ON PURPOSE?!?!  But since I’d taken up ripping out the carpet from half the house and had been encountering many a rusty nail, even sliced a few fingers on them, I figured maybe now would be a good time to get that done.  As long as we were there, the flu shot seemed to be a good thing to have done as well.  We get them every other year as I’m not entirely sure that they work since we never get the flu regardless of if we’ve had the shot or not.  Nurse Ratched delivered the flu shot first in my left arm.  OWW!!!!! A few choice words flitted across my mind as the little circle band-aid was applied to my shoulder.  Then the TaP syringe was prepped and ready to go.  I cringed in anticipation of the pain that was sure to come and averted my eyes because, it hurts more if you watch it happen you know.  Waiting… waiting… HUH?  Already done?  Did you get the right vaccine?  Well okey dokey then!  Buh bye!

Fast-forward to Tuesday

After consulting the advice nurse, we have determined that the massive swelling and itching are completely normal and the hardness will go away in a few more days.  Yes, really, that rock hard Mt. Saint Helens-sized mass on my right bicep is actually very common.  I may apply heat and ice to make the swelling go down (as I cannot take anti-inflammatories) and hydrocortisone cream (which I actually don’t have hiding under the bathroom sink – now that I have already undressed for the evening and will not be making a 5-minutes-before-closing run to Target) to help with the itching.

Did I mention this is all happening in my right arm?  The one with the TETANUS SHOT?!?!

I guess I’d better die in the next 10 years because I will not be going back for one of these again!  That, or I will just have to be less badass and have someone else do my carpet-ripping for me.


3 thoughts on “My Itch Needs Scratching!!!

  1. Hmm, you must know a lot more “watercooler people” than I do because I hadn’t heard anything about a Pertussis outbreak.

  2. Sooooo……… I took my baby to the doctor the other day because he had croup. Yep, he gets it at least 4 times a year now. Anyway, I asked about it the whole Pertussis epidemic. I was concerned. The doctor looked at me with surprise and said, “Boy, you really do keep up on things. I thought that it was only in California.” I smiled and thought…. That is why I have Sally! She keeps me informed about all things of epidemic proportions! Oh, and by the way, she did also tell me that it was because a large population of immigrant workers that didn’t have their kids immunized were spreading it and that was why it was spreading so fast. Not trying to be un-“PC” that is just how she explained it to me. And that…. is the end of my waaaay too long comment 🙂

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