Random Crap Edition

I figure if I sit here and type long enough something will come out.  We’ll see!

I had the migraine from Hell this weekend.  Yeah, me and weather changes don’t mix too good!  I hope this doesn’t happen every time it rains because this is pure torture.  I took every kind of remedy under the sun, including prescriptives, and nothing touched it.  The worst was how random it was.  I thought it finally had left me, but then I sat up straight and no…. still there!  Like the tempest that I am, I left my bedroom window open the whole time.  I love to have chilly air and curl up under a pile of blankets.  Plus, it smells so darn good!  Unfortunately, it makes the room damp and altogether unpleasant.  So last night I’m crying my eyes out because I’m so uncomfortable, in so much pain, I want to be tired so I can sleep it all off but sadly, am NOT.  And because I am too stubborn to shut my window, it feels like I am sleeping in a cold sweaty bed.  I finally managed to fall asleep, only to rudely awaken at 3:24!  The nerve of my body clock!!  Hopefully now that the rain is gone, so are my problems.  I finally shut the window and will hopefully be spending some quality time in my bed after I pick the kids up from school this afternoon.


OHHH!!!!  Speaking of the kids…


I have cancer.  I’m convinced of it now.  It’s probably one of those ones you can’t detect until it’s too late, but what other reason could there be for the boys behaving so well this weekend?  It pains me to write about it because I know it means I’m not long for this world, but no joke – they actually played together and used cooperation and all kinds of brotherly niceties!  S even snuck into D & B’s room to keep playing after they’d been sent to bed.  Also, they behaved outside in the foyer during Sacrament Meeting and didn’t mess around with the mic during the primary program.  It killed me to make them stop playing, especially since this morning it seemed as though it were all a dream by how poorly they were behaving with getting ready for school, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised this afternoon.

Halloween is coming up at the end of the week.  We’re prepared for the trick-or-treaters, but I’m dragging my feet on preparing D.  You see, he’s going to be Draco Malfoy this year, and I told him we could strip his hair like Draco’s.  At first I meant it, but now I’m not so sure…  Maybe I can just dye it?

Much as I would like to keep writing, I gotta go.  It’s Monday, and I work in Honey’s classroom on Mondays and the time has come for me to go!  Stay tuned, though.  Maybe there will be an afternoon edition of Random Crap!


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