My Memory

My memory is pathetic compared to some, but it’s mine.

That morning I had been going about my business, tidying up the apartment, and noticed I needed a new Salt City candle.  So I called my friend Maria and immediately started blathering about how I needed to order one and she said to me:  “Sally, haven’t you turned on the TV yet???”  I told her no and reached for the remote and like many Americans that day began to watch the most surreal event of my life unfold before my eyes.

My children were small, so small, that they had no idea what was going on.  All they knew was we weren’t watching Sesame Street.  I wanted so badly to call my husband at work, but I knew the administration at the school would tell them what had happened.  As the day went on, my two little charges arrived at my home from their day at school.  How could I continue to watch and see what was happening?  How would I know if anything else happened??  More importantly, how could I expose these two little girls to that tragedy?  I couldn’t.

The rest of the afternoon was occupied with homework and coloring with the occasional glimpse of the horror taking place around our country.  When the older girl asked me what happened, I wasn’t sure what to say… How do you explain that to a 7 year-old?  Would her mother want me to?  So I said it the best way I knew how;  Some bad men had taken over some airplanes and crashed them into two big buildings and lots of people were hurt.

There isn’t much more to say after that.  I don’t know how anyone moved on after what happened that day, but we did.  Many have said after these events that there is no God, but I choose to see it as further proof that there is.  God can work miracles, yes, but he has given us our agency, our ability to choose between good and evil.  If He stepped in every time a great tragedy would occur, how would we grow?  How would we learn to rely on Him?

We must trust that God has a vision greater than our ability to understand.  We must believe that however terrific our pain – his son, Jesus Christ, suffered it all and more that we might return to Him.  If we don’t… the opposite is too much to bear and what would be the point of all this?


2 thoughts on “My Memory

  1. What was so powerful for me after the events of 9*11 was how truly “good” people are, the humanity, when I doubted we had any left. God didn’t intervene in the tragedy but he did provide all of us a way to give back, pay forward, and reach out to him, trust in him, find him…just as he wants us to.
    I got to see how some people will sign over their paycheck or run into a burning building without thinking twice or pack up and drive across the country because they might need some help, my help or give their own blood because they can. So many people did some wonderful selfless things, it was beautiful.

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