Like the Plague

And now for your listening pleasure: A list of things that I’m avoiding!

• Cleaning anything. Isn’t that why we have kids? To be our slaves?

• Getting dressed. I think it should be PJ or casual dress all. The. Time. And then we can have Dress-up Fridays. Or Sundays. ‘Cos I’m only doing this once.

• Shaving. It’s costly. I can’t use cheap razors because they hurt, and I can’t afford to shave too often because I can only use the Venus brand.

• Registering Mom’s car & getting her license switched. Have you seen the DMV lately? Even with an appointment? Yeah. Thought so.

• Weeding. Actually, I like to weed. But it’s too damn hot! So I do it in the evening. Except, that’s when Honey is home, and now that school’s back in session our time together is extremely limited. So…..

• Watering. The tomato plants died when I went to Utah because no one watered in my place, so… resurrect much? Yeah, I thought so.

• Grocery shopping. Why bother? I’ll just have to do it again next week!

• Working on my tan. Refer to “Shaving” above.

• Sewing. What if I suck?

• Cooking dinner. Explain to me why cereal is ok for breakfast but not for dinner???

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One thought on “Like the Plague

  1. Cleaning is pretty much a waste of time. Getting dressed … hello, it’s summer! Who needs it? Shaving should never be done more than once a week. The CA DMV ought to be illegal. Weeding, get your honey out there and date weed. Watering, once they’re gone they’re gone – don’t look back. Grocery shopping would only make you have to cook. Wait, you’re AVOIDING working on your tan? Oh yeah, it’s hot. (PS, I got a wicked burn. Now peeling.) Sewing – I definitely suck but you might not. Cereal is FINE. The end.

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