Don’t Be A Hater

I was at my favorite big box store (Target) on Tuesday to pick up a few things for B for Christmas.  He’s getting his own room in January and for Christmas I’m decorating it and decking it out real nice.  As per my usual routine I began in the handbag section.  Because who doesn’t need a new purse, right?  Right.  I find this cute hobo-style bag on clearance from $29.99 to $17.99.  No thanks.  The one below it was smaller (yay!) and nicer looking.  But no clearance sticker.  Eh… no problem.  I’ll just stick it here in my cart and eventually I’ll find one of those price scanners.

La-de-da… wandering around the jewelry…. la la la….  Ooh!  A Red Shirt!  “Excuse me, do you have one of those price scanner thingers?  I’d like to know how much this purse is.”

Red Shirt:  Sure!  That’s about the only thing I can do for you over here, I’m just re-stocking the jewelry.

Me: Thanks.

RS:  Hmm… it’s not ringing up.  Let me go over to the main area and see if I can find the price for you.

Me:  Ok, thanks!

A few minutes go by…

RS:  (without the bag!!!)  Well, we’re not supposed to sell it to you because it isn’t ringing up, but she (referring to Red Shirt II who is over where I got the bag from) is going to put a price on it for you anyway.  I think it’s $6.30, how does that sound?

Me:  Fan-freakin’-tastic!  Thank you so much!!  That just about makes up for me not finding anything on our garage sale binge this weekend.  (RS II is now coming forward with the bag and I just take it and set it back in my cart thinking how awesome I am for getting a $24.99 purse for essentially $6 bucks!)

RS:  Yeah, well, a girl deserves to find a bargain now and then, right??

RS and RS II are now slightly giggling at themselves and I go on my merry way.

Fast forward to me checking out and spending more money than I thought.

Me: Dang, I wonder if they really gave that purse to me for $6.30??

Sitting in my front seat I dig the receipt out of my ratty purse and scan it down figuring out where all the money went.  At the top of the receipt is  ‘Satchel              $1.00’ and then the rest of my items.  Huh?  What about my purse?  Did she forget to charge me for that?  There’s nothing on here for $6.30???……!!!!!! (the lightbulb is now turning on in my head)

HOLY CRAP!!!  Those ladies just sold me that purse for $1.00!!!!!!!

No wonder they were laughing to themselves.


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