The Biggest Change Since High School

For today’s post I’ll be writing a description of myself as a teenager. Sit back, relax, and join me for a stroll down memory lane!

With glases. And ugly hair.
Also, I was fat.
Skipped most of the second semester’s 5th period (some kind of science).
(Emotionally) Needy.
Great skin, but never the kind of girl with cute hair, so…
Morbidly obese.
Funny and well-liked by thinking people.
Perfect teeth, never needed braces or a retainer.
Fatty fatty two by four.
A bit on the overdramatic side. But just a little.
Thar she blows!
SUPER liberal. Boy, was I naieve!!
Thunder thighs.
(Did I mention I was fat?)

17 years later (Holy Schnikeys!!)  and one big thing has changed:

I wear contacts.

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4 thoughts on “The Biggest Change Since High School

  1. Ok, I wasn’t a “Thinking” Person and I so liked you Sally! We all in our teenage years were dramatic girls! You should meet mine! She isn’t that dramatic, but boy is she dramatic when she is! What does size have to do with anything?! It is not Who you are… I was a slut, but it’s not Who I was. We live and learn and we deal with what we have and get through the stupid crap too. Here’s to finally being a grown up! Thank God!
    I totally love you for who you really are!

  2. Hey… at least you aren’t known as the girl who broke up with Randal (the band geek) like 18 different times in high school. I wasn’t asked out once because of it. dammit. lol.

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