We went garage sale-ing today.  It was awesome!!!  I got this really cool glass bottle to use for a vase for 50 cents.  The lady said $1.00, but I almost never pay the asking price because, hey, I can.  It’s all about negotiating, right?  But that’s not the cool part.

The cool part is, we’re driving past one more sale (because Grandma’s really tired and needs to get back for a nap) and just as I say “Meh… let’s skip it, nothing to see…” I slam on the brakes because ZOINKS!  A rawther large, rawther beautiful (and framed, to boot) California impressionistic painting of the Monterey coast is perched at the end of a table!  I sent Honey out to find out how much.  He came back with $50.  I was like, “No freaking way!”  Even if I had 50 bucks to blow on one thing like that, I wouldn’t just on principle!  I asked him if he would go back to the guy and say, “Hey, I’m sorry to insult you but my wife made me come back to see if you’d take $15?”

I didn’t exactly hear what Honey said, but the bargaining began.  I heard the older gentleman say, “Well how about $25?”  Honey stuck to his guns and said, “Nah, I’m sorry… $15 is the best we can do.”


I totally grabbed the “I got the best deal today!” crown and wore it all the way home.  I’d love to show you a picture, but I’m lazy and have no interest in messing with uploading stuff right now.  But I will, soon.  I promise.

Now, onto the whole reason for the title of this post:

As previously mentioned, Grandma came scavaging with us this morning.  I was really proud of her because she was not feeling fantastic and frankly, can’t stand to be in the car with the kids that long.  But she came anyway, and had a good time!  As a matter of fact, she scored a pretty good deal herself:  Some kind of workout ab-chair thing that’s at least $100 new at the store.  She got it for $40 new at the garage sale.  It was too big, or rather it wouldn’t fold up, so we had to go back for it later; and this is where the BUSTED!! comes in…

You all remember last year?  More specifically, last summer when my S was hit by a car that wasn’t looking where he was going (also driving without a license or insurance) and contributing factors to the accident included a streetful of illegally parked cars and no stop sign where there darn well should have been one?  Guess what we saw when we arrived home from our morning jaunt?

1.  One jackass parked halfway covering my driveway so I couldn’t get in.

2.  Another jackass with the front 1/2 of his SUV covering the brand-spanking-new (thanks to the negligent City of LMNOP where I live, who decided to put in a very noticeable crosswalk and stop sign after my son was seriously injured) crosswalk!!! Oh, but he had a handicapped placard hanging from his windshield so I guess that makes it okay.  NOPE! The stop is shaped like a T.  “O” Street is the top line of the T and my street is the leg it stands on.  This jerk had his rear bumper where the front bumper of the last legally parked car should not park further than and extended out so far into the street that if you wanted to turn right from that street onto my street,  you better pray no kids are hiding on the other side of this SUV because if they are, you’re going to kill them because you can’t see thanks to this dipwad!

3.  And last, but not least!  “O” Street filled to overflowing on both sides of the street with “NO PARKING” signs in plain view.

I told Honey we would be making a stop at the Sheriff’s substation on our way to pick up Mom’s ab-chair.  They were closed, but lucky me they had their non-emergency number printed on the doors.

I tried to be nice, I really did, I was just so furious that this was being allowed to happen again that I couldn’t hide it.  I did manage to not yell or scream, and I apologized to the dispatch operator for my tone of voice and explained why I was so irritated, and she promised they’d get somebody over there right quick.

I should’ve taken photos and called the newspaper.  Don’t worry, next time I will!


One thought on “BUSTED!!!

  1. Holy cow…….you are my garage sale-ing hero! That is an awesome deal and I can’t wait to see a picture!

    But wow….that parking thing is beyond unbelievable! What about calling a tow-truck and have them towed? I’m not sure if they could have towed crosswalk parking dude, but the one blocking your driveway they could tow, I’d bet. How infuriating!

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