The Death Penalty – Yes or No?

Dublin Prison


It's difficult for me to say that because I know that there have been wrongful executions and there are people on Death Row that shouldn't be. But for me – those are so rare, so few and far between, that I choose to believe that God will make things right for them to make up for it.

There are people out there that need killing, and quick. They have committed crimes so heinous that death is almost too good for them, but life in prison isn't punishment enough. I have no compassion for hardened criminals, and those who advocate for their "rights" have obviously not been affected by their crimes because if they were, how could they argue for TV at all, let alone cable TV? Where is the call for personal responsibility? I understand that disproportionately many of prison inmates are black or hispanic. I understand that there have been social and economic inequalities that have contributed to their situations. But I refuse to accept one's socioeconomic status as an excuse for criminal behavior. Use your anger, your frustration, your angst to make your life better, not worse. Rise above these disadvantages by educating yourself and using knowledge as your weapon, not your hands!

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5 thoughts on “The Death Penalty – Yes or No?

  1. Here’s a challenge for you. Spend six months in a housing project making minimum wage, and hey lets throw in a child for you to support while we are at it, and see how quickly you rise above your disadvantages.

    Another alternative is for you to volunteer some time with disadvantaged youth helping the rise above their socio economic bondage.

    And btw over 100 exonerations are not few and far between. Did you know you are more likely to get the death sentence if the victim is white? Did you know that a Texas Appeals Judge upheld a death sentence where the defense attorney slept through the trial, her reasoning is that he probably only slept through the boring parts? Do you know your socio economic status weighs more heavily in getting the death penalty than the nature of the crime? And how many innocents put to death is acceptable in your opinion?

    Didn’t your god say vengeance is mine? Also doesn’t it say somewhere in the bible, your book of absolute truth, that in order to put someone to death there had to be at least three eyewitnesses and a witness to the planning of the event?

    My guess is that since socio economic status does not factor in for you, you were raised in a white upper middle class or higher community.


    PS Killing is wrong no matter who does it

  2. Yes. To the death penalty. And here’s a challenge for Des. Try to live your life knowing that the piece of $*&T that murdered your child in cold blood was released from his prison sentence early because of some lame loophole in the law that his conniving lawyer exploited and oh…the murderer went on to do it again. Yes to the death penalty, and yes, some people should be killed and quickly.

  3. To Anon: The death penalty is not a deterrent, The death penalty is costly at a time when they are cutting school budgets where the money could be spent to prevent crime they are spending it on state sponsored homicide. Murdererers who get the death penalty are usually poor, minority, mentally retarded or mentally ill and have killed a white person, so it is unfairly applied (another lame loophole as you put it).

    I have had a close family member murdered so yes I do understand the emotional and visceral response to want that person drawn and quartered; however the state is not supposed to respond in an emotional way. Strapping someone down and killing them is wrong. Killing is wrong and you don’t kill to show that killing is wrong its a bad argument.

    There have been enough exonerations, not on technicalities but on hard evidence, to show that there must have been innocent people executed. I guess the pro death penalty group calls that collateral damage I call it murder.

    Today life sentences usually mean that you spend your life in prison and never get out. Getting out on a technicality happens less often than people think. The only reason it seems to happen so often is that it is reported in the press. When is the last time you read about people dying of old age in prison?

    We have become a very sad society. We have more people in prison per capita than most of the world. We do very little to prevent crime eg education, social services, feeding hungry kids. The programs that do exist are usually privately funded. We have killed one person a week this year is that ok? The only one that made national news was the one done by firing squad (for which the shooters all received commerative coins how sick is that) because putting down a human being, no matter how flawed that person is, via a needle has become a non issue. Sanitizing homicide does make it ok.

    When you lose a loved one to a violent crime there is no closure in revenge. Closure comes from within, remembering their life and the love you had for them.

  4. Not a deterrent, really? Tell that to the mother whose son was killed AFTER my son’s killer was released. I am positive the death penalty would have deterred him. 2 deaths instead of 3 (or more…I did not keep track of his record) is acceptable to me, and yes, I value the innocent life more than that of the criminal. I’m a flawed human being. Also, why should one person’s punishment depend on how it potentially affects others? The death penalty is intended to punish the crime or crimes actually committed, not to prevent others from happening. As far as money spent on the death penalty that could be spent on education and prevention, ending the entitlements that keep people in a continual state of dependence and poverty would be money better spent on education and prevention. Also, being feeble minded and poor is not an excuse for committing crimes. Back to Sallygirl’s original point, heinous, unspeakable acts are terminated by the death penalty…these people who clamor for their “rights” are often clamoring for privileges, both of which they forfeit in some degree by breaking the law. And finally, I do not look to the judicial system for closure. I look to the judicial system for justice.

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