My Favorite Quote of All Time

Well, I actually have several favorite quotes. I’m not sure that I could give a single favorite quote of all time, but here is the one in the front of my mind:

“Put on your pants, it’s time to dance!” -The Hippies from Season 7 of The Amazing Race.

The whole time these two guys raced I was amazed and impressed with their generosity of spirit and love of life wherever they went. They each knew a little of the culture and language for (I kid you not) every country they traveled to during the race, and I have to say that having this ability goes a long way in fostering good will towards Americans! But I digress….

The real reason I love this quote is because it reminds me to not take myself, or anything for that matter, too seriously. Life is so short, why waste it being grumpy or holding a grudge?


Another one of my favorites is:

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” -Unknown

This saying applies to everything. in. the. UNIVERSE!

Too often we don’t think of or anticipate the consequences of our actions and it leads to a lot of sadness and ugliness.  Just because I can shave my head, doesn’t mean I should.  Just because they make bikinis for babies doesn’t mean yours should wear one.  Just because they make birth control and condoms doesn’t mean you should play fast and loose with your virtue.  Just because Jerry Springer and Montel Williams exist doesn’t mean you should air your dirty laundry on national TV.

I think you get the picture!

So, what about you?  What’s your favorite quote (or two or ten)?

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