Woo-Hoo, I Was Right!

The sun came out!  It smelled like eucalyptus trees, too.  It was so fabulous, I didn’t want to leave my bed!  Don’t worry, it was for the good reasons.  My sheets were crisp and cold, I could smell summertime approaching, and I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could :^D

So today I may actually get my tomato plants planted (they’ve only been sitting in the windowsill for a month!), the pool tiles scrubbed (because when does that chore ever end?), and maybe I will bake something.  Maybe.

OH!!  My baby, Baby B?  Going on his first big boy scouts camping trip this weekend.  And, like the losers that we are, we can’t buy the food he was assigned to bring.  YAY, POORHOUSE!!

Speaking of camping…

Tonight’s the night I camp outside the new Jo-Ann’s store.  I.  WILL.  BE.  FIRST!!!! (It’s their grand opening tomorrow.)  I’m totally going to get one of those free $10 gift cards to the first 100 customers!  Back off, scrapbookers!  I will be there at the close of store this evening in my slouchy camp chair with my books, blankets, and case of water.  Don’t worry, I won the genetic lottery for bladder control.  I once held it for 17 hours just so I didn’t have to use a gas station bathroom or the porta potty at Girl’s Camp!

Ok, calling all Geek Squad members:

Why, why, WHY does iTunes not work when I am using other applications?  It says something about a script not running, but why all of a sudden?  I’m past starting to get irritated, I AM irritated!

I better go.  I’m getting distracted.  TTFN!


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