Public Service Announcement

Hello, World!  I’ve decided to do you all (and myself) a favor.  An old pal of mine from SHS has gone public about losing some weight, pictures and all!  (Don’t get excited.  They’re just side-by-side portraits!)  The idea that “Hey, I should do that!” popped into my head a little too quickly for the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” to chase it down, and now here I sit revealing to the world, that I also need to shed some weight.

tap.  tap.  tap.

Are you ok?  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you faint.  I know you’re sitting there thinking, “What is she doing?!?!  She’s so skinny!!  What, did she simply smell some fat and decide it was just too much?  QUICK!  SOMEONE STAGE AN INTERVENTION!!!” But no, it’s true.  You may be asking yourself where I hide it all and the answer is:  MY ASS.  That’s why when you look at my photos you’re thinking,  “Gosh, she should be modeling!!” but it’s what you don’t see that holds me back.  Because yes, from the front I look amazing but from the side…. eh, not so much.

Don’t get too excited.  I’m not going to be sharing Satan’s phone number my magic number.  Each week I will simply say that I’m either down, or up, some L B’s and maybe at some point in the far, far away future I will tell you what the number was.  But my aforementioned friend’s act of bravery has inspired me to commit one of my own.  Except mine falls more under the definition of lunacy than bravery.  Whatever.


4 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. You Go Girl!

    Let me know if I can help! We could walk once a week or something! I need to get my but moving too…Moving into this 2 story house I get winded just walking up the stairs. NO JOKE. Cant be good…xoxox Love ya girl!

  2. Okay, that is just too weird. I was going to leave a comment that said, “You go girl!” But there is already a comment from another Melanie saying that exact thing. Freaky. I don’t even know this other Melanie but she has taken my name AND taken the words out my mouth? Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

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