Where, Oh Where, Has The Sunshine Gone?

I know you’re sick of me complaining about my “freezing” weather, but this is serious and causing me major stress…


By now we’re usually in the mid-70’s most days revving up for the mid-80’s of May, and now I’m highly concerned that I may not be able to get into the pool until September because it’ll be too darn cold before then!

I’m just sayin’.


In other news:

– Honey said I could play with his hair color this summer.  ZOINKS!!!  I’m so excited!!!

– Slowly gathering materials for my etsy shop.  Because, despite having lost my woman cave, I remain determined as ever to begin developing this talent that I’m just sure I have deep inside waiting to burst forth!  For those who want to know (which is maybe one of the 1.5 of you that read my blog each post), I want to have a business where I make fabulous children’s blankets and dresses/jumpers for little girls.  And other assorted accessories like aprons, necklaces, bracelets, and art.  But I don’t want to always be worrying/thinking about it like it’s real or anything, it’s an “At my leisure” business.  I guess you could call that a hobby, but a hobby implies I will be giving items away for free and you can be sure my fabulousness comes at a price!

– Every time I look at Honey I think to myself:  “Dang, I really did a good job on that hair cut!!”  I may just do it again.  I wish his hair would grow as fast as it did before I discovered this newfound talent and we were too poor for monthly hair cuts!

– My children are rude and treat me like crap, and this time I have outside confirmation.  I knew this anyway but I am trying to rise above it and turn them into little gentlemen.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

– Each day brings us closer to May 7th, a.k.a. Iron Man 2 Day and all its RD, J goodness!

– Yes, everything I write has to end with an exclamation point!!!


4 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where, Has The Sunshine Gone?

  1. Can you make your Honey’s hair red? I can’t believe he’s letting you do that! Although I must say, I think my own hubby went through a hair color experiments at our age as well!!
    Please pursue your Etsy desires! I would love to see your work. And my little J would be a potential customer for you 🙂

  2. I’m impressed that you can cut his hair! I tried a couple times on Rob and was so humiliated with the result that I swore never to do it again. Rob actually didn’t even mind. I just have too much pride and want my husband to look good. Even if he doesn’t care about it. 🙂

  3. I think the respect thing comes in waves for my boys. My oldest had about 2 years of talkign back and being kinda rude… Now that I’m homeschooling him, he’s so much better behaved because he loses lego tokens if he ever talks back to me. I also have a serious time-out penchant now for disrespect – because we have time to now work on it. If he talks back, he goes in for 9 minutes (before homeschooling I didn’t have the time to deal with it) and he has to apologize and recognize what he did wrong. He’s really improved and he’s doing great in his work so for us… that was the key. The other thing I found is that when he and I can share a love or hobby, we kinda connect better. He’s learning harmonica and I’m learning guitar and we are doing pretty good together. His goal is you-tube.

    My hubby let me make him over after our 2nd date… Not that I did the work mind you, I had the best stylist out there in SLC do the job… New Gap clothing, New hair cut with gel and NO PART, waxing brows, whitening teeth, growing scruff, dyeing hair… He went from the ‘apostle part’, geek RM look to the GQ rough model look. Man.. I miss those days.

  4. Yay! I cant wait to see your etsy shop! That is exciting stuff! And AMEN on this weather. Blah. Sunshine!! WHERE ARE YOU??? =)

    Love ya girl!

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