Fairy Tales and Blue Fingernails

We saw “The Tooth Fairy” on Wednesday.  I swear I lost 15 lbs. from laughing so hard!  Normally, I’m not a big fan of the “tough-guy-goes-soft” storyline, but holy crap… there was some seriously great writing and delivery going on there!!

It seems like February just didn’t get enough action in because even though it’s APRIL now, the Feb. weather came back.  Rain, cold, freezing cold, I even had to turn my heater back on!  There just aren’t enough numbers to list how many things are wrong with that.  Words escape me, so I shall not even try.  I was so cold my fingernails went right past blue into “creepy corpse purple”.  They say to expect more rain today, which is really causing me conflicted feelings (I know, I KNOW we need the moisture, but April??  Really??), but I am doing my best to hold on until Wednesday when Mister 73′ comes back into my life where he belongs.

Well, I originally started writing this post on Friday, but just when my fingers hit the keys, Honey and Mom arrived here!!!  There was total chaos Friday, a modicum of it Saturday, things are still a mess (but only until we unpack it all) today but we press onward and upward and look forward to sharing our lives together.  And if that last bit didn’t make sense, it’s probably because I didn’t tell you…. My mom has moved in!  Oh wait, yes I did say that before.  But just in case, I’ll tell you again:  My mom has moved in!!
No, I’m not crazy.  No, I didn’t threaten Honey with a divorce.  Yes, he actually is happy about it (as are the rest of us!!  Wouldn’t you be if you got free babysitting for life?).  Even T, our Chinese exchange student, is happy!  This probably has more to do with her cooking (as in she actually does it) than her sparkling personality (he does find her pretty fun!), but I digress…

I just want everyone out there to know how much I love my mom.  I know things will be hard.  When you take two fabulous women such as us with our ginormous personalities, heads are bound to butt together now and then.  But I need her.  And my kids need her.  And my marriage needs her.  Because it’s hard to date your husband when you can afford either the date or the sitter but not both at the same time.

Ok.  We’ve got some cookbooks to shelve.  And by some, I mean boxes.  BOXES. And a bank to find.  Checks to mail.  Remotes to program.  Naps to take.  You get the picture.



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