Are We There Yet???

Next week, as in a week from this Friday, my mom is moving in!!!

(Are you ok?  Did you hit your head when you fainted?  Need an ice pack or anything?)  I know 99.99% of you reading that sentence will now believe that instead of suicide I have done something worse, but trust me – it’s gonna be great!

Yes, I have given up my Woman Cave, but look at what I get in return:  Someone to go see awesome movies with!!  We all know that Honey is just a twinkling of an eye away from being translated… I gotta have someone to hang with!  Also, two words:  FREE.  BABYSITTING. Okay, so that was one word and one compound word.  Also, FREE MUSIC.  I have a pretty nice collection of MP3s, but my mom has some serious access to Frank and Tony that could bring me that much closer to completeness.  I will also feel pressure to be a better housekeeper.  Because Heaven knows (as previously mentioned) my husband is a saint and cannot and would not ever judge me for my lack of skillz, but Mommy will, and there’s nothing like Catholic/Jewish guilt to keep a girl motivated even if one is neither Catholic nor Jewish!

The cherry on top of this fabulous sundae is this:  NO. MORE. COOKING!!!  My mom is a freaking awesome cook.  Ask anyone who’s ever heard of her.  She even had her meatloaf recipe served and sold at the Garden (you know, the cafe across from The Roof on the JSMB)!  Ok, ok… maybe not no more cooking for me, but significantly less cooking, which is just as good!  And by significantly less cooking, I mean just about the same amount of cooking I do now but with a lot less “breakfast dinners”.

Finally… Another woman in our family!  This is better than having a daughter.  I don’t have to pay for a wedding or worry about her getting pregnant!


2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet???

  1. Why is everyone wishing you luck? They don’t even know me. I’m not the type A cleaner in our family and I think this move will bring fabulous fun and family togetherness, er, together. We are so much alike that one of us could be awake and the other asleep and no one would know who it is they are talking to. (Oh, my hell, I can’t believe with my editing skills I wrote that last sentence.)

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