Why Is It That

I’m 35 and still poor?  I mean, Honey graduated college, he has a pretty good paying job, we own our home (sort of.  You know, when the mortgage is paid we will), we don’t have a car payment, we stopped offering human sacrifices… so why are we so poor that I have to cut my own kids’ and hubby’s hair?

Yes.  I did.  I cut their hair.

Once upon a time when Honey was still in college back at the Lord’s Other (and more AWESOMER!!) School, we thought it would be a great money saver if (for the cost of one of my hair cuts) we bought some clippers and I learned to cut his hair.

It might have been a better idea for me to strip in the Union Bldg. for tips and just pay for him to get a hair cut.  From that day on we swore never to speak of it again.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon…

I don’t know if you know this about me, and how could you since our appearances are deceiving?, but I am very vain about how my boys look.  I will let them go for weeks on end looking homeless rather than take them to the beauty school for a $4 special.  And since my hair mistress (who is actually reasonably priced, I’M JUST THAT POOR) is the only other person I would consider letting touch their hair, it has been some time since their last cut.  And by some time, I mean probably 12 weeks.

Being the basket case super duper homemaker that I am, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to cut B & D’s hair after church on Sunday.  I gotta say, it’s not bad!  It’s at least as good as those high school dropouts ladies at the beauty school!  I was so pleased with the results, I decided to do Honey.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, this blog is rated PG-15!)

I’m thinking I should start stripping for the bar flies up the street.


3 thoughts on “Why Is It That

  1. Even some people who are well to do cut their kids and husband’s hair. I think being cheap isn’t about rich/poor but more an attitude that genetically runs in mormon families. I should know.. I have the “LDS Cheap” genes. LDS Cheap is the kind of tacky cheap that expects friends who are attorneys to give free advice and wants their home teachers to help put up sheet rock in the basement. LDS Cheap would rather cut coupons and buy food storage than ever spend any decent amount on art or humanities. (and I’m an artist!)

  2. You should check out the Dave Ramsey program: Financial Peace University. We’re on baby step 2, and we LOVE it. The Church uses his program too…

  3. Hey, did you cut B’s hair yet?! How did it go? If not so well, then I will pay you $100.00 to pick up a barfly! Ssssswwwweeettt~

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