OMG, Name Doppleganger!!!

There are very few Sallys out there in the universe.  I only knew of four growing up.  Me, the mythical “Aunt Sally” that you hear about in grade school, Sally Ride, and some other chick named Sally I went to high school with that was a grade above me.

Today while I was typing in my blog address to come and grace you with my presence in the form of a post, I mistyped and forgot to add “” .  After I realized my mistake I expected to get one of those lame “buy this domain!!” pages but instead was greeted by a rather fabulous storefront at There’s a necklace there I think she should give me, just because my name actually is Sally, whereas hers is not.  I can appreciate having a fabulous nickname like SallyGirl, my mom calls me that name when I know she is proud of me.  But how do you derive SallyGirl from Leslie?

One thought on “OMG, Name Doppleganger!!!

  1. Greetings my dear! My “SallyGirl” nickname came from my childhood friend as we ran from trouble to trouble 😉 It stuck over all these years!

    Thanks for the kind words!

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