Puberty Strikes Again!

That’s right, folks, puberty has claimed its latest victim.  At least that’s why I’m telling myself my (just shy of) 11 y.o. has turned into the world’s biggest jackhole.

I blame it on Science Camp.  My sweet baby went away loving me like the air he breathes and returned all full of attitude, eye-rolling, and crankenstein-like features.

Or maybe it’s the giant zit from hell that landed itself right outside his nostril.  That got picked.  And is altogether unpleasant to look at.  I imagine he is feeling less than fabulous about it, too.  Any ideas on how to get rid of it and fast that don’t involve makeup?  I bet that would make him feel better.

I’m kind of weirded out that he might start looking at girls in a different light as well.  Eww…. burning the images from my mind as we speak…. I need to go etch some images of RDJr, and Johnny Depp onto the inside of my sunglass lenses.


2 thoughts on “Puberty Strikes Again!

  1. OK.. Ok.. figured out this subscribe thingamajigger. 🙂 I found your other blog and it took all of my 5 brains cells left to do it. I”m plum out of energy. Of course, once I got to your other blog, I see you haven’t posted since 2008! grr grumble….

    I should start my own blog that constantly references your blog but how do overcome the fear of being ‘out there’? I had a blog for like .7 seconds until I started fretting about who would read it and what they’d do with it. (yes, sometimes I am paranoid that world revolves around me.) 🙂

  2. I love you Sally! Teenagers suck! Tell him not to touch the zit and not to roll his eyes or they will stick like that! That will not help in the girl department! Also chicks dig guys who are nice to their mothers! And if they don’t they are not good enough for him and it will be very embarrassing if you have to tell her that in front of him….
    I go for putting the fear into them…or embarrassment. My favorite.
    Did I mention that I love you!!! =)

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