Just Kidding!

So I had jury duty this week.  I am one of those freaks of nature that thinks jury duty is cool, so I was super excited at the possibility of serving even though it came at probably the most inconvenient time in the universe.  It was odd getting called in in the middle of the day, but whatever.  They called my name as soon as they had everyone checked in, and at least I wasn’t one of those poor suckers sitting there since 8:30 that morning!

So we went up, sat down, stood for the judge’s entry, and blah blah blah-ed through the hardship excuses.  Then we were given a survey to fill out and told to report back on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. to weed through the rest of us.  Thursday morning rolls around, I find someone to watch S for me and even though I want to serve I hope I get excused because it’s minimum week and who is going to be at home to keep swinging the whip at B to get going on his state report that’s due tomorrow and he has procrastinated himself all the way until then?  Who’s going to watch D?  I drive myself alllll the way to Stockton, which really isn’t that far but when your budget has already gone overboard for the month and you need to make as few trips as possible to conserve gas… well, it doesn’t make you happy to hear this when a different judge enters the courtroom:

“Hi folks!  You can see that I’m not judge H, I’m the other judge H.  Unfortunately he had to work over at the court in Tracy today, and this is my courtroom so that’s why you’re getting me today!  I want to thank you all for showing up today, we really need people to sit on these juries so that justice can be served and our court system will continue to work, but unfortunately the case that you were all sitting for has already been resolved and so we thank you for your willingness to serve and you are now excused from jury duty until 2012!”

Sonofaflesheatingbiscuit!!  You couldn’t have deduced this little fact before now and called us beforehand so we didn’t have to waste time and resources to get here???  Hell’s bells, my kids’ school has an automated caller that calls to tell me every dumb thing in the universe and you couldn’t get it together to call the 60 potential jurors and tell them something they actually needed to know??

Thanks.  You have yourself a nice day.


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