Hell Hath No Fury, II

Ok.  I am livid.  I am soooooooo pissed right now I’m almost shaking.  I went to Target at around 8:15 tonight to pick up the CD we’re giving S for Valentine’s day, and some other stuff for our trip next week.  Since I’m kid-free, I take my sweet time wandering through the aisles checking out clearance this and clearance that.  Let’s just cut to the chase because I need to go get me some 24 – I get up to the checkout and my total is like, $65ish.  So I swipe my debit, enter my pin and….



Three times later I give up and say, “Hey, can you just hold my stuff and I’ll come back first thing in the morning?”  No.  Because A) they don’t hold stuff and B) they especially don’t hold stuff on clearance, like the LAST. TWO. TOWELS. of this set I’ve been coveting since I got the matching bath rug over a year ago.

Ok.  I’m going to go over to a corner and call my bank because this is ridiculous, especially since I already spent a small fortune earlier today on car repairs and Disney tickets, and whilst in line at the pharmacy picking up miracle-antibiotics for my nasty ear infection the bank called to make sure someone wasn’t committing fraud!  Yes, I do have the card in my posession, yes I can give you my address, yes I spent a bazillion dollars today, thank you for checking on that – I’m glad you’re on top of it.  The exact parting words I got were:  “Okay, since we’ve verified that your card hasn’t been stolen we’ll go ahead and keep your account open, you have a nice day, Ma’am!”


Great, now I look like one of those losers who has either stolen somebody’s card and just got busted, or went over the limit on their credit card.  EXCEPT THIS ISN’T A CREDIT CARD!  It’s attatched to my checking account, which thanks to Uncle Sam has plenty o’ dough in there to cover this measly 65 bucks!

Thankfully, the people at Target are not total losers (unlike the people at CHASE – that’s right!  I said it!  CHASE BANK SUCKS EGG!) and the manager agreed to hold my purchases until I could call up CHASE and tell them how much I do not appreciate being denied, especially after their effing fraud department already contacted me!!!

I am sure they’ll apologize and pretend to care, but once you’ve humiliated someone, how do you make that better?

I know… I will let them give me the cute checks for free instead of just the standard ugly ones.  Or maybe the branch manager can go pick my crap up for me and apologize profusely to Target for embarassing me and putting them in the awkward situation of judging me and keeping my stuff while everyone in the store (because remember, it’s closing time) looks on.


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