It’s The Little Things

That send me over the edge…

Fortunately for me, and the population at large, I am blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of people (and professionals!).  If you are secretly wondering if you are one of those people (I know I always do when someone else says something like that!), then I have neglected to tell you that you absolutely are included in that group.

Through the time-sucking vortex miracle that is Facebook, I have reconnected with I’m pretty sure every single person I have ever known.  I’m talking about people who used to babysit me, people I used to babysit, girlfriends from my YW days, friends from church many wards ago, people I knew in high school, people I was actually friends with in high school, people I used to work with (or for!), siblings of good friends, friends of my siblings!

The list just goes on for forever and I hope that the little things in our lives that have caused us to remember the good ol’ days – and the things that happen in our lives now, always keep us attached to one another.

Because that is what makes me feel good inside.

When my brain is messing with me and I feel like driving my van off the ledge, or Stan is chipping at the cracks of my humanity until I can’t cry any more, someone old pops up and it’s as if time did a rapid rewind and brought the right person front and center to make my day.

Ok, enough sap.

Many of you have asked me how homeschooling S is going.  Well, if you want to be all technical about it… it’s not.  It’s more like a lot of hanging out and spending some time trying to figure out what it is we should be doing.  I was really starting to freak out about this until Honey reminded me that in all the books I read preparing for this time, they all said that the first year is just like a great big mess and you’re not going to get a lot done.  It takes time to get into a new routine (especially when you don’t know what your routine is in the first place!), and it’s an adjustment for everyone involved so if the first few months suck, it’s okay.  It can only go up from there!  I myself think things are going well as far as the reasons we are homeschooling him in the first place.  He needs time with his mommy.  Time to feel special and unique, and loved just for who he is and nothing else.

I gotta run.  Our chicken tortellini soup is finished and the sooner they’re fed, the sooner it’s time for bed!!


3 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. Sally,

    I’m homeschooling my oldest too. I just started this month after years of the craphole called public education. It’s been working out really well because we use these packets every week of worksheets and once he has them done.. he’s done. He just sits at his desk plugging away at them and is usually done with each days worksheets within 2 or so hours. Then I make him read 30 minutes and do something involving handwriting. Anyway, now that it’s getting routine, he’s MUCH happier and I’m amazed at how quickly we are working through the school year stuff. He’s actually learning! Go figure. I really don’t have to do much teaching at all, these worksheets spell it all out for him on their own.

  2. Your hubs is so good, and absolutely right. I think, 6 months into this homeschooling business, I finally am just starting to know what to do. Well, in everything except writing. Writing is still a big ol’ mess. I love you and I want some chicken tortellini soup.

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