Jack’s Gone Dark!

That’s what I feel like when I haven’t written in forever.  Kind of like last year?  I want to be a more positive person and sometimes I just am whiney when I blog so I must’ve been whiney a lot last year because I barely posted at all!  I started several and then either ran out of time or steam so I saved the drafts where they languish today, draped in the cobwebs of html.

So, new year, new start, posting whatever and that’s that!

I’ve begun the nightmare called “Homeschooling” for our S.  Depression + Anxitety (both of us riddled with it) + terrible support person from the charter school we’re going through = BAD MEDICINE.  So I decided to say “screw it!” and just do what I want.  So I think we are going to start with the Gold Rush era of California history and go from there!  I also need to find someone who wants to swap childcare one day a week so I can clean & run errands, and frankly just sit on my ass and watch time go by without worrying what my kid is doing if that’s what I want!  Because I was at Shana-the-Beautiful’s house earlier and she was busy in the Craft Cave so I left him to play there with her little guy and when I got home all by my lonesome, it was as though someone stuck a firecracker under me because all of a sudden I felt free and motivated to clean stuff and be productive!

In other recent developments:  We had to get rid of the DVR.  Which sucks like a starving newborn because now I have NO idea what t.v. is on when and I’m missing stuff left and right and there’s all kinds of scheduling conflicts, and despite the miracle that is Hulu.com, not every show out there has entire episodes available for watching at my leisure!  So on the one hand, I feel mad I’m missing my shows, but on the other hand I have all this time to read those mountains of books I check out from the library and my 10 monthly magazines, and Indexing and whatever else I feel like doing!

Have you heard “Bar-ba-sol” by David Cook?  Totally my favorite song.  Random, I know, but it just cycled on from my playlist.

My mom tripped on her way to the car Wednesday morning.  And shattered her arm.  Go ahead and take a minute to gather yourself after you finish laughing (don’t worry, I did too!).  So now she has pins in her wrists after emergency surgery.  And lots of percocet (sp?).  That’s all I got out of her because she was busy playing cards with my niece when I called her after she got checked out of the hospital yesterday.

American Idol started this week.  GOOD TIMES, PEOPLE!!  Good times…  Nobody truly horrible or memorable yet, but maybe it will get better next week?  And I’m thinking, if this is Simon’s last year as a judge, what’s the point of watching?  Because you  know you’re not watching it for the contestants.

If Honey’s W-2’s don’t magically appear in my mailbox soon, I may spontaneously combust.  I need to get a concrete guy lined up and get my gardening stuff ordered!!  Seeds must be started!

The sunshine came out the other day.  I was SUPER tired after od’ing on allergy meds and so I went early to wait in the high school parking lot for our exchange student so I could take a nap.  Just as I got all comfy…. SUN!  Right on my face.  I don’t think I’ve smiled that big in months.  It felt SO good.  I couldn’t believe the difference it made.  I mean, I know I have a tough time in the winter what with all the gloomy and the less daylight, but WOW.  It was like I had been born all over again.

Ok, I gotta go.  I’m getting my trash kicked at Lexulous (that’s non-copyright infringing Scrabble to the uninitiated) and it’s my turn.



2 thoughts on “Jack’s Gone Dark!

  1. you ALWAYS crack me up! Sorry to hear about your mom though! Poor thing … hope she is feeling OK.
    And just remember, I went from DVR to NOTHING! No Hulu here … U.S. Copyright laws. That’s what I call torture.
    and BTW, your move on Lex ;)XOXO

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