Deep Thoughts, Sallygirl Style

“I have met the enemy, and it is me” – Okay, I know that’s not exactly how that quote goes, but it works for my purposes.

Last week when I was doing my grocery shopping, I had an encounter that gives me mixed feelings.  Let me illuminate the situation for you with a little background story:

Once upon a time I was a teenager and I loved to have parties.  Specifically, Christmas parties.  One year it was party time and we had run out to Shopko to get something (Shopko being the step up from Voldemart and just under Target) with just an hour to party time.  As we were in the checkout line, the person in front of us squabbled for 20 minutes, I kid you not!, about a whopping twenty-five cents.  Yes, that’s 25 pennies, or two dimes and a nickle, or five nickles.  I vowed to never be that person.  Seriously, it was a QUARTER!!! Ok, back to me and my grocery shopping.

So I go to Save-Mart because hey, I have kids, and they like cereal.  A LOT.  And Save-Mart has in their ad “selected Kellogg’s cereals $1.50/box when you buy 4”  I like forking over $6.00 for four boxes of cereal, but I like it even better when that cereal has a coupon for $1.00 off fresh fruit.  Better yet, all four boxes have the coupon for $1.00 off fresh fruit!  Sweet, because I’m on a budget, right?  So I get back over to the produce section and carefully measure out $4.00 worth of fresh fruit and because the coupon does not have any of that sneaky small print that says “One coupon per purchase”, “Not cumulative”, or “Must be different fruit for each coupon used”  I have picked out one coconut, a few oranges, and some bananas.  Are you with me here?  NO SMALL PRINT ON THE COUPON$1.00 off fresh fruit for each coupon and each box of said cereal at the same time.  Now picture me at the register having a heated (but not yet lethal) discussion about how no, I do not need four different kinds of fruit, it.  just.  says:  $1.00 FRESH FRUIT WITH PURCHASE OF THIS CEREAL.

And so that is what I got.

It’s amazing how freeing life is when you stop giving a care about what people (read: total strangers) think about you…


“He knows when you are sleeping, he know’s when you’re awake.  He knows if you’ve been bad or good…”

Really?  Because I’m thinking if Santa really knew all of that he’d either be blind or in witness protection.



“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

Um, not true.  It just makes a lot of people that can only see out of one eye.


There were more, but much has happened since this post began and so I end to write another day!

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