Goosebumps (And Other Ridiculous Happenings)

I have reached the tipping point, and not too soon.  My fingers are turning blue, so on went the heat!  Unfortunately for my family, I reached this decision just as they were all leaving for school.  :-O

I often encourage T (our Chinese exchange student) to come with me when I go shopping somewhere new.  It used to be because I thought he would enjoy seeing the different kinds of American markets and shops, but now it’s because he tells me the most fabulous (and by fabulous I mean out-of-control disgusting!) things about where he lives.

We’ve talked about how in China, everything is fresh.  You go to the market and the fish is still alive, or was until as recently as an hour ago.  All the vegetables are just picked, and they go to market every day instead of stocking up like we do.  I bought some canned soups to use in some recipes I make, mostly for gravy, and he said that they even make all their sauces from scratch!

So last night, I took him to the hope and glory that is Trader Joe’s.  I lured him there by telling him they sell healthy foods.  That’s only partially lying.  They do sell healthy foods.  And they also sell junk food make of healthy ingredients.  And lots and lots of fat.  He saw a whole chicken in a bag and wanted to know where the head was.  Let me tell you, they eat some funky things over there!

On our way back home, he asked me if I ever had to kill any of the animals that we eat.  I was like, Um NO.  He said he had and asked me if I knew how they kill chicken.  I was like, “Sure, you whack it’s head off.  Voila!”

Apparently not.

I won’t go into gory details, but let me just say that the over-worked and under-paid factory workers aren’t the only ones receiving inhumane treatment.

My brother IM’ed me yesterday morning-ish and asked if he could come spend the night last night.  I was so excited!!  Until I found out he wouldn’t be here until 1:00 a.m. and had to leave at 4:00 a.m.  Making a quick! round-trip delivery from Utah to San Leandro for work and needed a place for him and his friend to crash.  I wish SO much that they could have stayed, even if it was just until after breakfast; but I was elated that he came at all and as corny as it sounds, I felt honored that I could do that for him.  Even when I woke up and found that damn Dr. Pepper can still in my fridge.

Well, tempus fugit and I think that shower’s warmed up now.  Toodles!


4 thoughts on “Goosebumps (And Other Ridiculous Happenings)

  1. Your short time with your brother reminds me of last year when my brother was working for a week in Tulsa, OK (2 hrs away). I drove there just to have dinner with him and see him.

    No Trader Joes here either… oh well.

  2. LOL!
    I was a Chinese exchange student! apparently I wasn’t Asian enough back in school to reveal such insights to you … can you imagine the additional teasing I would have received? lol

  3. Doh!! I meant to say “WANT” a Chinese exchange student!! LOLOL!
    now I’ve just confused everybody including myself … sorry

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