Sucking It Up Now

I have a pretty amazing group of people in my life.  There are just certain people (mostly women, sorry guys!) who consistently do and say things to help me feel good about myself.  If you are reading my blog, you are likely one of those people so give yourself a nice smack on the butt for me.  😉  If you don’t think you are included in that bunch, you have two choices:  1 – Pretend you are and give yourself the smack or 2- You ARE and give yourself the smack.

No one can ever replace Ana Banana, but I’ve got Shana the Beautiful and my cripple rock star Mom who are 99.99999999% as awesome and many, many other dear friends (who, sucky for me, do not live anywhere remotely close!) that each have a spark of the Spirit of Ana in them and will help me feel like she’s still here.  It would help more if one or more of you picked up and moved within 80 miles of here, but I’ll take what I can get.

Love to rowdy girls everywhere!!!



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