Clearly the Worst _____ EVER.

  • Best Friend; because try as I might, I have an anxiety attack every time I see another status update about the impending doom move.  Pathetic?  C’est moi!
  • Mom; because when I did the grocery shopping today I picked candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters instead of the food on my list we need for the rest of this week.
  • Student; because I forgot my sweater and scarf this morning and it was soooo bloody cold that I couldn’t manage to wait 50 minutes outside for my next class of the day and went home early.
  • Visiting Teacher; because even though I know I would not have made it the past few years without my second mom (a.k.a. Visiting Teacher!) – I still never manage to get mine done.
  • Wife; because I always forget to thaw out whatever it is that I need to make a nice dinner for my husband who works so hard and we end up having a lot of “find it and eat it” dinners.

Good thing I see my therapist tomorrow.  She’ll tell me of course I feel like crap, I haven’t been giving myself good self care.  Yeah… that will make me feel better.



2 thoughts on “Clearly the Worst _____ EVER.

  1. Stuff just happens…I could so do my own post about the awful things that I do too, but it’s just life! And I think that Halloween candy is important anyway! Keep smiling because you really are awesome!

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