It Snows 11.5 Months of the Year in Montana!

I hate to cry.

The snot comes forward, the face gets full, suffocation begins and splotchy-ness ensues.  Noses are blown, boxes of tissue are emptied, and pillows are soaked through with the tears of hurt/anger/frustration/loneliness… the worst one is the loneliness.

I hope you’re sitting down, because I am about to tell you something that will shock you to the core:

I don’t have very many friends.

Are you still there?  Everything ok?  Good, let’s get back to me.  I have a personality so fabulous that Shana the Beautiful calls it “the full monty” when it reaches its peak of awesomeness.

Ana Banana is moving away, and now I can’t stop crying.


4 thoughts on “It Snows 11.5 Months of the Year in Montana!

  1. I am sorry. I am REALLY sorry. It has to suck rocks to lose your best friend. I wish we lived closer and I would come give you a hug. I know that none of this helps a ton but, I am thinking of you. You are awesome and I love ya!!!

  2. I don’t have very many friends either, so I totally understand how you are feeling! A few years ago my good friend moved back to her home state of Wisconsin. I miss her everyday! I wish that I lived closer to you so that we could be closer friends, but if all we have is the internet, I’m grateful for that! UPS, Text, cheap flights, and internet make it a little easier. Hang in there my friend! Keep your chin up!

  3. Thank goodness for the internet, because there are virtual girls like me out here who think you are awesome. And smart. And you leave REALLY good comments ;).

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