Dream Weaver

Lately I have been having these awesome dreams.

All of these guys that I crushed on in high school have been making appearances, and they’re madly in love with me!  It’s 15+ years later, and all this time they’ve been secretly pining for me.  Their lives have just not been right ever since they let me slip through their grasps and so they’ve hunted me down to declare their affection in the hopes that they’re not too late.

I don’t remember specific details of the dreams, just that I felt beautiful (even at my size!) to know how they ached for my hand and they couldn’t have it because I was already seriously involved with someone else.  Not married, not that unavailable, but definitely long-term enough to not be so shallow as to cast him aside for what could’ve been.

The best part?

I still feel beautiful when I wake up with four men fightinig over who gets to serve me strawberry-topped pancakes in bed.


2 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

  1. I love when I have dreams like that. It’s been years. I usually just have weird dreams. Like that my parents have secretly never been married and only decided to tell me it was all a lie now that I’m in my mid-thirties and feeling really well adjusted. Maybe just to shake things up a little?

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