Neurology Report

Well, we visited the pediatric  neurologist in Oakland today.  Can I just tell you how much I hate driving an hour to Oakland and two hours (which all things considered, I’m actually pretty lucky it’s so short!) back in beginning rush hour traffic for a 25 minute appointment?  But that’s not what you came here for.

Dr. Kim says….

He thinks S is doing incredibly well considering how severe his injuries are.  I was able to see the MRI results (friggin’ awesome, I gotta tell ya… especially the eyeball layers!!) and you can totally see this huge white spot where the “contusion” is.  It’s about as big as my wadded-up thumb.  The fracture is actually not a crack like when you break your arm, but an indentation (think smashing your thumb into a hard boiled eggshell).

The thing on his brain stem is called a tectal glioma.  The short answer is:  it’s a very small tumor, but they don’t expect it to grow or become malignant.  We do have to watch out for the same symptoms we’ve been watching for the brain bruise as that can be a sign that it’s grown and is pinching off a pathway for the spinal fluid to get to the brain which could cause him to have blindness, imbalance, nausea, and a bunch of other uninteresting symptoms.  So as of now, no surgery or anything is anticipated.

Also during the examination, he noticed something with S’s eyes/retinas?  He called it “hibbs” or “higgs”, but when I googled it all I got was somebody’s name.  Anyway, he said that when you flash or shine a light in S’s eyes his pupils get really small like they’re supposed to, but then they bounce back & forth rapidly between big & small.  So now we have an appointment with the opthamologist.  Yay, because you know how much I want to get a job to help pay for all this gas we’re using!  Not to mention all the classes I’m going to be missing.  (Sigh…)

I hope that didn’t sound bad.  Of course I am happy to do any and everything to take care of my S, I just wish these appointments were closer to home and I worry about my grades.

Anyway, that’s all I have to report until we see the orthopedic department on the 28th.

Again, I am so grateful for all of your thoughts, prayers, and words of comfort.  I really worry for S.  When we warn him to be careful in all he does instead of it going in one ear and out the other, it never makes it into the ear in the first place because he’s moving too fast.  He got busted by the yard duty yesterday for being in line to play wall ball.  Thank goodness these ladies care so much about the kids they are in charge of instead of resenting how overloaded they are with responsibilities!

Love to all, Me.


7 thoughts on “Neurology Report

  1. Hey Cousin! Mel just called me and asked if I’d heard about S. I told her I hadn’t and she filled me in. I just read this latest entry and wow have I been behind! So I’m glad that the mass is benign…what a relief. How often do you have to go get it checked? Also Mel said that you might have some kid med questions or at least want to talk about our experience with C. Anyway, I’d love to chat anytime…call or facebook or whatever! Love you guys!

  2. Hey Sally!
    I’m sorry I’m so late on catching up with what you’ve been going through even though we’re always playing games together. You are obviously a tough mama and I know how much prayers and words can mean, so I’m sending them your way as you always have for me. Thanks for taking the time to blog … I know how much it can actually help you cope! 😉 Take care … (((HUGS!)))

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