I Think It Was Summer

Instead of writer’s block.  Because now I can’t shut myself up and keep thinking of all kinds of things I want to blab about!  Like:

  • Big Hair Bands.  And I’m not talking about the kind from the hair care aisle at Target, either.  Bon Jovi, Van Halen, or Poison, anyone???
  • Holy ’80’s Music Resurgence, Batman! Ok, first of all I am impressed that I didn’t need spell check to tell me how to spell resurgence.  Second of all, I think Michael Jackson’s death just amped up the royalty checks of ’80’s musicians and one-hit wonders across the world!
  • Funny Things My Kids Say.  My friend C and her two youngest came thru town Monday night and had a sleepover with us.  D told C that he knew what 1st grade was.  It was “kindergarten with deskes!”
  • I wish you all had Twitter, because then it would be like we were having conversations all the time!  And when I have one lyric in my head, I could tweet it and you could tweet back the next line, and it would be like we never left _____ (insert name of town I know you from here)!!!
  • Can you hear how hot David Cook looks when he sings like I do???
  • Who’s going with me to the Neurology appointment next week?  I’m scared it’s like one of those things where you’re supposed to bring a friend with you so they can tell you everything you didn’t hear after the hot Austrian Dr. says “it’s a toomah”.
  • Where are the heirloom tomatoes this year?  My store usually has them earlier than now and I am craving squaw bread & tomato sandwiches!!
  • My sister turned the comments off of her blog to make it more freeing for her to write whatever she wants.  I get that.  But I’m an attention whore, is that so wrong???  I mean, I do write this for me because I do like the sound of my own voice sometimes, but I also like knowing people out there read me.  I guess it makes me feel not so alone.
  • Am I the only one who thought Adam Lambert would make an AWESOME replacement for Freddie Mercury in Queen?  Think about it.  Get back to me.  But only if your answer is  “Heck yeah, that would be cool!!!”  I don’t have time for the haters.
  • I am having serious esteem issues. On the one hand, I’m super excited to go back to school on Monday.  My brain has gotten lazy and needs to be whipped into shape by some Statistics!  On the other hand, I am seriously stressing out that nobody will like me in my classes.  Because, did I mention I’m going to the actual campus this semester?  I’ve outgrown the sattelite building here in town.  On my other left, what am I worried about, these kids are like fresh out of high school!  On the other right, I feel cool when they ask me questions.  SO the drama!!!
  • How come nobody told me that once your kids go to school full-time, your dream life begins?  I don’t have to wake up until 8:00!  I can go out to lunch and not worry if I’m back in time to pick someone up!  I can run my errands in the morning or the afternoon!  I can spend longer than 10 minutes at the bookstore!!!!

Ok, I’m dying of thirst.  It’s 9:31 p.m. and it’s stilllllll 84′!  Shoot, it was 93′ just 90 minutes ago!


One thought on “I Think It Was Summer

  1. I have so much to say here. I should tweet, alas I don’t. You’ll love campus. Sometimes I want to turn off my comments too but I’m not that confident in what I write. Need the validation. And don’t talk to me about full-time school because IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME. I’m still trying to reproduce.

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