“Next!” or “Bring It On!”

I wish I could say that life has returned to normal since we got home the other day, but it will be at least three months before that will be true.  I had to write a letter to S’s teacher yesterday so she would be prepared for him when he gets to school on Monday and all the many things he cannot do right now.  No playing on the playground.  No tether ball.  Nor any other kind of ball that might hit him in the head.  No P.E.  No running.  He can’t be left alone (like if I want to run to the store for a few minutes), and he can’t go over to a friend’s house either – because even though the moms are really good and pay much more attention to the kids than I do when they play, it’s different now and it’s too soon to take that risk that something might happen.

The best part of this is, that’s not all.

On Monday we get to go back to Oakland for an MRI.  You see, when S had the CT scans while in the hospital, they found a calcification deep in the brain stem (unrelated to the accident).  Sounds simple enough, right?  No.  Because according to our pediatrician, that means it has the density of calcium, not that it actually is calcium.  Which in the unspoken language of “I-don’t-want-to-say-because-we-really-need-to-take-a-closer-look-at-it” means, “It’s a tumor, but we don’t want to freak you out until we know for sure.”

I KNOW!!!!

Ok.  Maybe it isn’t a tumor.  But dude, bone just doesn’t up and grow inside your brain stem, right?!  What the heck else could it be???

Somebody needs to get the neurology team hip to giving me Xanax before they tell me stuff like that.


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