Pinnochio Wasn’t The Only One…

…missing something!

“I got no strings boobs, to hold me down…”

Seriously.  I’ve just tried on my THIRD swimsuit of the season (plus the four I tried to buy last year) and it’s become increasingly obvious that I need a boob job.  It’s no longer about making them stand to attention, it’s about filling the frigging bra cup in the swimsuit up!  And I’ve already gone the smaller suit size route, but I still end up giving the kiddies a poolside peep show.

Do you think they can transfer some of the fat from my ass up to my chest???


7 thoughts on “Pinnochio Wasn’t The Only One…

  1. You. Crack. Me. UP!

    I would love to donate to the boob problem! I have huge girls and hate them. so. bad!
    Isn’t it funny that we as chicks are never happy…those who have want and those who don’t want…

  2. Oh Sally! If there is anybody in this world who can sympathize, that would be me. My girls went on vacation a few years ago and decided to never come home again. Maybe we can find a group discount somewhere.

  3. Okay, so you know they can totally do that now, right? My mom lost a boob to the big C a few months back but her doc said they could rebuild it from scratch–a little here, a little there, a fake flower and presto! Real boobies, smaller backside. (Please do not quote me on this without doing your own research, I’d hate to get your hopes up. Or your boobs. Up, I mean.)

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