Best Vaycay I’ve Ever Had

At the very last minute, we decided to go to Salt Lake this weekend.  Honey and D were already flying out because he decided for his birthday he wanted to hike Mt. Olympus with his childhood bff (his family does it every Memorial Day weekend).  My mom called Thursday morning wondering if I could fly out too to help her with my grandma, who is on her way to greener pastures.  So Thursday afternoon we decided to all pile in the car the next morning and head on out!

I’ve been staying at my mom’s with our dog, and Honey and the kids have been staying at his parents.  I miss them a lot, but it’s been so nice to be here for my mom, and to just relax after that tough semester in math.  I went to what used to be my childhood ward to see some old friends and neighbors.  Of course, it’s impossible to see everyone, but I’m glad I got to see those I did and catch up a bit with them.

The only thing I’m disappointed in, is it’s been hard to find time to visit some of my girlfriends, and we won’t be able to come back this summer like we’d planned.

I’ll close this post on a happy note, my mom has the best.  shower.  EVER!!!  It must have something to do with being in the basement, because Honey’s parents basement shower is pretty good, too.  The water pressure is just amazing, it can blast your skin right off!  And the best part is that the shower head is like, a foot above me so I don’t have to duck and bend.

I hope you all are having an enjoyable weekend, and take a moment to remember those who have given their lives that we might continue to enjoy the freedoms we are granted by living here.  Our government is not perfect, a lot of our politicians stink, but we have it better than any other country and we owe a large debt of gratitude to those men and women who fought and died protecting it.


3 thoughts on “Best Vaycay I’ve Ever Had

  1. I am in agreement that those blast your skin off shower heads are the bomb. I really need to consider investing in one of those someday. I am so glad that you made the trek out to Utah to be with your mom. What a thrill it was to see you and hang with your familiy for a bit. You made my entire weekend. You are one amazing lady and Honey is one incredibly lucky man!

  2. I hate hearing about bloggers coming to Salt Lake without getting to meet them in person. Seriously, if you didn’t already not have time for your girlfriends we should have thrown something together. Next time.

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