It’s not just the title of a Kelly Clarkson song!


There are SO many things I am ready for, it’s not even funny.  So why is it that only the things that I am completely unprepared for are what pop up most in my day???  I mean, seriously… what is with this schedule?  Homework is just for those that are intellectually inferior and should be wiped off the planet to build up the master race of super-geeks.  And why do we have to eat dinner just because it’s 5:30 p.m.?  Can’t we have dinner at 9:00?  That pesky school those kids of mine go to is really putting a cramp in my agenda!

I have camping, swimming, and shopping I need to do.  I have about 12 magazines in my bag, BEGGING to be read while I bask on my pink floatie mattress before the June issues arrive!  Our families would like to see us (I would like an Airstream trailer), and the yard needs working on, and yet… SCHOOL.  There it is again!

Don’t worry.  I haven’t lost my mind.  Yes, I remember that one year that I changed my kids’ school just so they would only have five weeks of summer vaycay before they started up again in order to prevent me from killing us all.  This time is different.  This time we have…. THE POOL.

Seriously, I think Heavenly Father knew we needed the pool and that’s why all the other (12) houses didn’t work out for us.



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