I Wonder As I Wander

So here’s some stuff I’m wondering about lately:

– You know how asparagus makes your pee stink?  I wonder if eating it raw makes any difference.

– If my kid has the flu, do I just ride it out like usual or do I need to get him tested for Swine Flu, even though I’m 99.9% sure he hasn’t been exposed?  A lot of the kids at his school are Hispanic (mostly Mexican) and I know that the families go back and forth and not necessarily on a school break, they just go whenever they feel like it and for all I know someone could have recently come back.  I don’t think he has it, but am I somehow obligated to the general public to find out?

– Why it is still in the 60’s in May.  I’m really not complaining or trying to “ha, ha” to you people who live where it’s still snowing, but this really is unusual for this time of year… it makes me nervous.  It makes me think that summer will be hotter than that one summer that it was 109′-117′ for 3 weeks straight.

– How come what’s best for me is not necessarily best for one of my friends and her family?  Why can’t they be the same thing?

– How long do I have to go to therapy before what I learn there stays in my head permanently?

– What will happen to S after his ADD evaluation.  I read the teacher’s version of the intake that I filled out and some of the things he has trouble with at home are also problems at school, but it seems that some other behaviors miraculously don’t occur at school.  Do they let close family friends fill these forms out?  Because I know I am not the only one who sees that this kid needs help and I think this person’s input could be valuable in getting him the help he needs.

– Why are the mosquitos back after I sprayed them and it says it’s good for up to 40 days and it’s been less than 14??

– Why am I still tired after what should be a good night’s sleep, and no I don’t have sleep apnea?

– When will the house start cleaning itself?  And cooking our dinners?

– Why can’t I come up with a good way to end this post?


2 thoughts on “I Wonder As I Wander

  1. If you find the answer to the self cleaning house…will you let me know right away??

    I had no idea about stinky pee after asparagus. I’ll have to pay more attention! lol

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