Don’t Think I Haven’t Noticed

For all of you who have a special affinity for the golden arches with the best fries in the known universe, you may simply nod your heads in an “I KNOW!!” sort of fashion while I relay this information to others who actually care about their health and may not visit Mc D’s on a we’re-not-going-to-talk-about-how-often basis.

Re:  French fries and drinks

Don’t think that you will get away with what you are doing.  I have been to different locations in different cities and the theft of fries and beverages is widespread.  Fry containers are coming half-filled, and not because the other half fell out of the bag.  Drinks are not coming full to the top-ish.  In fact, they are a full adult male thumb-knuckle away from the top (which, when you see that your “small” (which is a CHILD at everywhere else!) Coke is no longer on the dollar menu, you get a little pissed!).

Speaking of the dollar menu…  why is it that all the other kids are increasing the items available on this list while you slip items off of yours like a thief in broad daylight???  Let’s see… we have the (NASTY!) apple pies (BRING BACK CHERRY & STRAWBERRY!!!), the fruit & yogurt parfait, the soft-serve cone and the sundae.

I’m not happy.  America is not happy.  If you’re going to rid us of our late-night fry fix because we can’t scrounge up enough change for something that is no longer on the dollar menu and deliver it half-empty, we’re going to have to start losing weight!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Think I Haven’t Noticed

  1. I used to eat fries……Now I order a QP w/cheese and a diet Coke, and they’re like “lady, it’s cheaper if you get the meal.” (when the meal was on sale a little while ago). So I lliterally dumped the fries. I’ll have to go with you and give you my “fries that somehow make things cheaper.”

    I go to McDonald’s far too often myself, and the drink sizes are a joke. I blame the Super Size Me guy. And their dollar menu is ridiculous.

  2. Their dollar fries are a scam, I tell you. We now get the big daddy fries (which they don’t skimp on too badly) and disperse them among the multitudes. And what’s up with this whole McDouble crap? It’s an extra piece of cheese, people. That’s like seven cents.

    I hate McDonalds. I love McDonalds. It’s an unhealthy relationship.

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