If This Is Aging, I’m Screwed!!!

I have class this morning.  Damn, I knew the Piper would have to be paid eventually!  So much for waking up at 8:30 every day…  I knew there were drawbacks to Spring Break!

While I have fully recovered from the pre-break meltdown, I am now reaping the benefits of being genetically related to my family.  And by benefits, I mean holy frick, when will this genetic lottery end?!?!?! It’s one thing to pass along depression and anxiety to your progeny – but insomnia, too???

That’s just not right.

I count myself blessed that I have relatively good physical health.  Low blood pressure, low cholesterol, normal blood sugar, the works!  But when I can’t go to sleep even if I really, really want to and not just because I’m avoiding the next day (because did you know that if you don’t go to bed, tomorrow never comes???) and then when sleep finally comes after I’ve tortured Honey to death by flailing around trying to get comfortable… I wake up 45 minutes later at 2:46 a.m. for the rest of the day and it has me seriously re-thinking that whole “no coffee” thing!

In other news, the “baby” has lost his first tooth.


Will the aging never end????


2 thoughts on “If This Is Aging, I’m Screwed!!!

  1. You poor girl. Insomnia is THE WORST. I had two sleepless nights last week and if it ever happens again I might walk into traffic.

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