To Whom It Concerns III:

Dear Garth Brooks and What’s Left of the Beatles,

I guess you are so rich you don’t need to sell your music on iTunes.  Or anywhere else.  No matter, there are plenty of cover bands out there that sound nothing like you which just further irritates the crap out of me but not enough to go and buy your CDs because I am more stubborn than you and would rather go without my four measly songs so HA!  I WIN!!!


Someone Who Will Just Get A Free Copy Off Of Mommy’s CD Library


Dear Mr. Asshat Truckdriver,

YOU’RE BUSTED!!! That’s right, BUSTED!!!  My worthless attorney’s law firm hired on some more help and stuck me with the New Guy, which most people would be pissed about except New Guy’s head isn’t up his rear like the other attorney that was handling my case and now that someone has finally seen what I’ve been saying these last 16 months you’re getting what’s coming!

Kiss Kiss,

The Non-Lying Mom of Three Who You Hit and Caused EXTREME Mental Duress Because You Lied


Dear Plain White T’s,

I like your music.  I haven’t ever seen a photo of you, but I picture you looking like the one guy from Million Dollar Listing on Bravo! who really needs a hair cut.


– Someone Who Is Entirely Too Old To See You In Concert at Fat Cats in Modesto


Dear Randy, Kara, Paula & Simon,

Why do you continue to let FOX torture you week after week when we all know that Adam Lambert is going to win?  Sure, I don’t always like his style, but the guy freaking ROCKS and blows those other pansies out of the water!

Later Dawgs,

Simon’s Other Wife

p.s. RE: Anoop.  WHY?????


Dear Mail Delivery Person,

It is NOT acceptable to skip a day of delivering the mail just because you don’t feel like it, or there isn’t that much to bring.
I have a note from my therapist that verifies this little factoid for you in case you have any questions.


Mailbox Stalkers (Not-So) Anonymous


Little People Who Continue to Wake Me Up Even After Death Threats,

One day this threat will not be empty.

Love, Mommy



I will get in there for Family Prayer much faster if you just shut up and quit interrupting the thought process when I am writing one of my more brilliant blog posts!

TLA, Your Wife


5 thoughts on “To Whom It Concerns III:

  1. This really is one of your more brilliant posts 🙂 And I totally agree about American Idol. I keep telling my sister that I don’t even think it’s fair for him to be in the same competition. He is such a professional, he makes the rest of them look like a high school talent show. He’s unbelievable!

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