Yeah, I Know Your Kind

Hey you, the one with the “need money for food” sign at the end of the grocery store parking lot.  Yeah, you know the one I mean… the guy bundled up in 14 parkas no matter how hot it is, scruffy-faced with a cardboard sign begging for even just $1.00 for you and your dog…

I didn’t want to give you cash because I need my cash, and also I know about people that do this as their “job” and make more money than you’d think in one day.

You, sir, are one of them.  I offered you a box of my beautiful, lucious-red strawberries and you declined.  “Maybe just 2 or 3, I don’t think we’d finish it before it goes bad.”

Really?  You and your dog are starving and you don’t think you can down a box of strawberries in two days?  Because I’m pretty well ready for lunch and I just ate 2/3 of a 1 lb. box myself….

Guess you’ll just have to score your booze/meth from some other sucker then.  Toodles!


3 thoughts on “Yeah, I Know Your Kind

  1. I never know which ones to help. We have this couple and their dog sitting out side of Taco Bell/Walmart a lot. Sometimes, I’ll buy them a taco or something. Eh…I never know what the thing to do is.

  2. Well, I really try to rely on the Spirit as to whether I should give money or not. I try to keep snacks in the car that I can give them because I figure they are not getting the best nutrition out there, the hungry ones, and if I give them food vs. money, I know they’re getting something healthy. There are very few that I have been prompted to give money to.

    There’s one guy at this gas station that I frequent. I always see him searching the trash bins for recyclables and I usually have a few bottles in the van so I will pass them on to him. I have also run home and gotten him more bottles to recycle as well as some food because there’s just something about this man… it makes me want to take care of him. He speaks no english and is truly destitute because you can tell it’s been some time since the man had a shower. But he’s always pleasant and never bothers anybody for anything. Maybe that’s why I like him. I’m allowed to give without being asked.

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