The Phantom Tollbooth Disease (or All Kinds of Cranky Today)

(If you haven’t read that book then maybe you need to go back to 4th grade.)

I think I may have Spring Fever.  Or Senioritis.  Except I’m still a freshman.  I want food to magically appear in my pantry so I can spend all our paycheck on prettying up my house and yard.  I do NOT want to go to class anymore!  There is too much to do!  Not enough time!!  The weather is changing and I’m moving from indoors to outdoors and I need stuff for my outdoors to make it comfy!  You know, like a hammock?  And a stand?  Because there are no more trees in my backyard.

The neighborhood cats have turned my backyard into a litter box and now none of my seeds have sprouted.  Therefore, I need seedlings from “Lowe’s Depot” to move things along.  Bitch is the wrong name for female dog, it should be what we call cats.  Bitches.  Because that’s what they are, peeing all over my stuff!!

I feel like it takes me three hours to get going in the morning, and by the time I get going it’s time to pick up the kindergartener which really puts a screeching halt to the momentum I spent all morning building up.  Are you sure it’s against the WoW to drink coffee?  Isn’t “waking up” a medicinal purpose?

And speaking of purpose… my genius 3rd &4th grader can’t stop pronouncing it “on purpoze” (with the emphasis on “ose” instead of “pur”).  WTH???  Where do they pick up this junk?

Every week there’s something new wrong with my pool sweep.  Poor Pool Dave… I bet he wishes I’d never seen his truck and called the number on the side!  Who else am I supposed to pester when (the pool guy purchases what he thinks to be a good pool sweep and installs it) things go wrong?

Have you ever seen the movie “Click”?  Me neither, but I sure could use one of those remotes right now.  Time to do what I have to do AND what I want to do!

Ok.  Pool Dave is done.  Gotta run.  We’re having Grocery Day late this week, and that kid doesn’t pick himself up from school!


3 thoughts on “The Phantom Tollbooth Disease (or All Kinds of Cranky Today)

  1. Gotta tell you first of all that I could not be more envious that you have a pool. I want one! That would be great with the blizzard today don’t you think. Secondly, I absolutely love when you post. You just make my day when you put out there all of your thoughts. You are awesome!

  2. Hi Sally!
    I hate cats too! They gave me and my house fleas! This year I’m putting out moth balls! That keeps the cats away (along with everyone else)!
    I’ve had trouble waking up recently too, so I’ve started using Benifiber Heart Healthy because it has B6 and B12 in it. I just use one dose per day (two teaspoons in my OJ each morning) and after a week I felt perkier after only a week!
    Good luck, my friend!

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